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  • Admin: Pagination on the admin pages did not allow the user to leave the first page and then return (fixed).
  • Admin: When Maintenance Mode was enabled, it was not showing on most Admin pages (fixed).
  • Ahnentafel/Register: Cremation events were still showing as “Buried” (fixed).
  • Cemeteries: The zoom, place level and cemetery fields had been left off the New Place page if maps were not being used (added back).
  • Fan Chart: Names with a suffix were showing the suffix as if it was the surname (fixed; suffix not shown for names on chart).
  • Image Viewer: Viewer would not always behave correctly for images without image tags (fixed).
  • IDs: New method of generating IDs did not work in various cases (fixed).
  • Languages: Corrections added for several languages.
  • Languages: New translations added for Farsi and French Quebe?ois.
  • Mobile: A dummy menu entry was added when a dropdown with an odd number of entries was split into two columns.
  • Mod Manager: Various small bugs introduced in 13.0 were fixed.
  • Pedigree/Descendants: Zoom capabilities have been added most variations of these charts.
  • People: Attempting to display a list of people with no children, no parents and no spouses resulted in an error (fixed).
  • People: Trying to add people from the pedigree chart resulted in an error (fixed).
  • Places: Saving a new media record would always generate a blank place record (fixed).
  • Popups: Synchronous AJAX calls were generating JavaScript errors (fixed; calls are now asynchronous).
  • Settings: Under some circumstances it was impossible to select “yes” in the Chart Settings for the option to include photos (fixed).
  • Templates: Links that should have opened in a new tab/window were not doing so (fixed).
  • Templates: A few minor style issues were corrected in Template 19.
  • Users: Usernames were not case sensitive when asking for a new password (fixed).
  • Users: Passwords for new users were not being encrypted, so new users could not log in (fixed).
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