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TNG 13.2  

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Er is een nieuwe update uitgebracht van TNG. Deze is te downloaden via

De veranderingen zijn:

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  • Ahnentafel/Register: Some messages were being forced to lower case when they should not have been (fixed). Mainly affected German sites.
  • Cemeteries: The "text bubbles" for headstone locations did not display correctly if they included new line characters (fixed).
  • Cemeteries: Web links in the cemetery notes were not being made active (fixed).
  • Cemeteries: The layout on the public cemeteries page sometimes caused the list of cemeteries to extend below the bottom of the list container (fixed).
  • Family Group Sheet: Some labels may have been incorrect due to a code error (fixed).
  • IDs: New method of generating IDs still did not work in a few cases (fixed).
  • IDs: The message accompanying a newly generated ID was not being refreshed if the ID was generated again (fixed).
  • Import: An empty "1 DEAT" line (no date, place or fact) was interpreted as meaning the individual was deceased (fixed).
  • Logs: Some entries pertaining to the relationship chart were not being displayed (fixed).
  • Maps: The language indicator read by the maps was incorrect in most of the language files (fixed).
  • Media: Problem fixed in the bulk thumbnail generator.
  • Media: Media links to sources were not showing the source title in some cases (fixed).
  • Media: Media search was causing some links to point to the wrong page (fixed).
  • Media: Thumbnails created from files whose names included special characters did not preserve those characters in the resulting file name (fixed).
  • Mod Manager: Various small bugs were fixed.
  • PDFs: The family group PDF was generating an empty source page if there were no sources for the family (fixed).
  • PHP: More changes have been made to prevent PHP warnings and "notice" errors.
  • People & Families: One of the 'Save' buttons did not work (fixed).
  • Places: Users assigned to a tree were able to edit places assigned to other trees (fixed).
  • Places/Media: Adding a new media item without an associated place would result in a blank place record being created (fixed).
  • Popups: Problem with the change introduced in 13.0.1 was fixed.
  • Repositories: The Cancel button on the Edit Repository page did not work (fixed).
  • Security: SQL injection vulnerability removed from the language switching form.
  • Security: Some internal updates and fixes were made to the TNG Captcha utility.
  • Third Party Libraries: PHPmailer has been updated.
  • Users: The email message sent to new users was using the wrong subject message for most languages other than English (fixed).
  • Users: The option to send a forgotten username did not work, even if the supplied email address was correct (fixed).
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